I’m Molly, a 37 year old mum-of-one, lover of yoga and full-time boho hippy.  As the daughter of an artist mother and musician father I was pretty much destined to see the world in a somewhat alternative light, but not before I commited the truest act of rebellion against my parents by working for a global bank (sorry Dad, I am ashamed!) and striving for “normal”. That soon went pretty pear-shaped, as I started to follow my love of psychology, training as a mental health nurse and working with kids and families for the best part of ten years…  which also happened to incorporate a whole load of self-reflection, prompting avid reading, seeking, and digesting everything I could in the endless pursuit of happiness and peace.  When I became a mum, I could no longer hide from it – stress was eating me up and I felt as though there was something else I was meant to do.  So I quit.  I quit nursing, I quit the 3 hour daily commute, I quit stressing and sleepless nights and COMPLAINING all the time!  Before I knew it I was retraining as a Holistic Therapist, reading books on voluntary simplicity and – discovering yoga.  Finally, I’ve found it.  Not that there is an “It” in yoga, but there is definitely something, something that for reasons I have yet to figure out, actually works.  So this is about me, my family and my love of all things yoga, wellbeing and happiness.  Hopefully a contribution to the growing community of people striving to bring light, love, peace and tolerance into the world.  We’re all made of stardust, you know xo