After years of being a product junkie, I made the switch over the last year to all-natural, holistic beauty/personal hygiene. I’ve spent 25 years of my life searching for the perfect product that would fix my imperfections, remedy my red faced rosacea, and help me be, you know – better. I’m fairly sure I’m a few grand down having bought into the whole mainstream beauty regime! But these days my approach is more holistic for my body and the planet, and it looks a bit like this…

Natural Crystal deodorant – took some getting used to, as these days we’re all so used to ANTIpersperant, and yet perspiration is the body’s way of cooling down and getting rid of toxins such as excess salts, urea that are natural waste products from the body. To start with I just felt really sweaty, but after a couple of months I’ve noticed that I sweat alot less than I did before, and I feel like my body regulates itself effectively. This deoderant is obviously unscented, so I often use my favourite aromatherapy oils if I want perfume, either blended into massage oil as a moisturiser, or a drop on the neckline of whatever I’m wearing (don’t use any aromatherapy oils directly on skin as some can cause reactions. I recommend getting advice from an aromatherapist about best/safe uses of oils).

Avocado Oil – as a cleanser and moisturiser. Wow. This is the product I have been searching for, and it cost me the grand total of four quid, from the supermarket! A tiny bit as a cleanser when I’m in the shower (use it like a hot cloth treatment), and if needed a drop onto wet skin, my face has never been so happy. And it’s a brilliant salad dressing too! My skin is less stressed, rosacea flair ups are infrequent and I don’t get clogged pores. Honestly, it’s amazing. It also smells like a very expensive spa-massage (unsurprisingly, avocado oil is a fantastic massage medium).

Bamboo toothbrush and steel safety razor – my toothbrush can be composted after use, and the razor lasts a million times longer than plastic disposables, and will be recycled safely at the end of its useful life. Plastic doesn’t rot down, it just fills up our ever decreasing landfill, or ends up floating in the sea (google Great Pacific Garbage Patch and prepare to be horrified). And if it’s burned in incinerators then it creates a chemical called dioxin, aka the most toxic chemical known to man. No thanks.

Solid shampoo bar – loving this! Made with all natural products (by which I mean vegetable oils) and containing zero harmful parabens or SLS’s, as well as the bonus of no plastic packaging. Again, it took some getting used to as my hair had to adjust to no longer being stripped with chemicals – took at least three months but I am so glad I stuck it out. My hair and scalp are happier, softer, more manageable  and I don’t need to use any conditioner. Costs about £3 and lasts 3 months (unless you wash your hair every day, which I no longer find I have to do!)

And that’s it! I’m still using up the very few cosmetics that are left from my product-junkie days, I’ll be looking to replace them eventually, but only with natural and plastic-free products so any suggestions/recommendations welcome!

The deoderant and toothbrush are from a brilliant UK company

Solid shampoo bar from

I haven’t been asked to endorse these products, I just happen to love them 💕✨